Cross true gift of Christmas

Cross true gift of Christmas With Jesus we have peace, we have hope, we are loved—and not just at holiday A MONTHLY MESSAGE FROM THE ELCA PRESIDING BISHOP I remember this jarring image: It was the Christmas Eve candlelight service at my home congregation. A Read More →

Silent shout from Companion Synod

Silent shout from Companion Synod Christmas Message from Bishop Medardo Gómez of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church* Dear sisters and brothers: With the love of God that unites us as brothers and sisters, I want to mention and share the situation of the life of the Read More →

Prayer for peacemaking

141210peacemakers “Let us pray that we remember the promise of your Spirit poured out upon all flesh that we do not wait for others to be peacemakers but take up the work ourselves, and that your healing power be poured out Read More →

Complicated and human

Complicated and human “Why would any parent bid farewell to a child and send him/her off alone into the unknown? It is a complicated story,” writes Marion McInturff of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Vienna, Virginia. Her article posted Nov. 26, 2014 to Read More →

More than money – hitting 100%!

More than money – hitting 100%! Submitted by Dorothy Sorrell Metro D.C. Synod congregations continue to support the ELCA Malaria Campaign as it goes over the $13 million mark.* In addition to our synod goal of $250,000, we also have a goal of 100% congregational participation. Read More →

Art Contest – 2014 Christmas Greeting

14artworkcontest Art inspires and can give words to our hearts. Grab a camera, markers, watercolors, color pencils, crayons, oils – whatever inspires you – and share your artwork conveying the spirit of Christmas in the 2014 CHRISTMAS GREETING Art Contest. The Read More →