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  • Historic leaders

    Do you recognize these leaders (photo left to right): the Rev. Will Herzfeld, presiding bishop of the former Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, civil rights activist, ecumenist and an ELCA pastor; the Rev. Nelson Trout, the first African American bishop in the Lutheran church and an ELCA pastor; the Rev. Rudolph Featherstone, the first African American graduate of Gettysburg College and an ELCA pastor. “These African American Lutheran giants,” described the Rev. Kenneth Wheeler for Living Lutheran magazine years ago*, “and so many others walked tall because they were amazingly powerful servants who made me better and who made the church better.” "Black History Month was the idea of African American historian Carter G.

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  • Celebrate bold

    Boldness comes in many forms. Some boldness is firm and quiet. Some is bright and loud. Bold Women’s Day—observed annually on the fourth Sunday of February, this year on Feb. 25—celebrates all Lutheran women who have acted or are acting boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ. We Lutherans have a theology that gives us great freedom to be risk takers. Certificates to honor individuals, litanies to share in groups, and more is available from Women of the ELCA at https://www.womenoftheelca.org/bold-womens-day

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  • Building Puentes means building bridges

    Recovery on Caribbean islands after Hurricane Maria is pressing and challenging. Local leaders have been working tirelessly given their new reality. Videographer Kristina Diaz has sent us "Visual Stories from the ELCA Caribbean Synod" to give us perspective on what is no longer in the headlines. “The devastation is great. As a synod, let us join Building Puentes and help in relief efforts that not only rebuild concrete structures, but can also rebuild the spirit of our neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens of the Caribbean,” says the Rev. Leila Ortiz. As part of the Building Puentes call, we will build connections and true relationship with work trips and aid. Learn

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  • Summer of discovery

    Campers may swim, canoe, fish, creek walk, play games, hike, cookout over a campfire, create crafts, worship, pray… but will certainly be immersed in a summer of discovery led by caring counselors. “The Christian summer camp experience impacts campers in positive ways that extend to their families, churches, youth programs, and others” (effectivecamp.com). Two outdoor Lutheran ministries are nearby our synod – Caroline Furnace in Fort Valley, Virginia and Mar-Lu-Ridge in Jefferson, Maryland. Varying age levels, time spans and program highlights give you MANY summer camp options. Check them out and sign up

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  • Making new and active connections

    Introduced by heartfelt and inspiring voices captured on video and captioned in Spanish, the New Connections Campaign was officially launched at the 2017 Synod Assembly. The communities and people our synod serves are among the most diverse areas in the country. Our effort to renew our congregations, to establish new connections, in the midst of such diversity must be equal in strategy. The opportunities to live out our faith, to be God’s hands and feet in our communities are significant. Learn more on the new website: www.newconnectionsmetrodc.com.

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  • Employment Opportunity

  • New Connections Campaign

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