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  • Companionship on campus with LCM

    Campus ministries are a strong connection for young adults at a pivotal time of life – and a quick online Student Referral Form can help you find a location for you or someone you care about where they study and live. “If you want to be told all the ‘answers,’ this is NOT a place for you. If you want to explore what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus, and wrestle with difficult questions in a grace-filled and welcoming community where you are accepted for who you are, this IS the place for you.” This self-description of Lutheran Campus Ministry is proclaimed by University of Maryland’s “Humble Walk” group, a “voice of grace, service and justice” in College Park, Md. Find ELCA-wide connections from

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  • Katie’s posed like Rosie the Riveter

    “Drawing, coloring, and doodling are great activities to help focus the mind and center the soul,” writes Robbin Isenhour, who drew 44 contemporized images for an all-ages coloring book to use with "Ever Reformation: A Reformation 500 Cross-Generational Study" prepared by the ELCA North Carolina Synod. Inviting others to freely share the drawings she created, Isenhour writes, “I hope these coloring pages help you and your congregation commune with the Holy Spirit and one another in a new and creative way.” In an article highlighting the project in Living Lutheran magazine, she said, “Some concepts were hard to capture, but it was important to me for them to be appealing and not turn anyone off, but rather get through the

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  • Making new and active connections

    Introduced by heartfelt and inspiring voices captured on video and captioned in Spanish, the New Connections Campaign was officially launched at the 2017 Synod Assembly. The communities and people our synod serves are among the most diverse areas in the country. Our effort to renew our congregations, to establish new connections, in the midst of such diversity must be equal in strategy. The opportunities to live out our faith, to be God’s hands and feet in our communities are significant. Learn more on the new website: www.newconnectionsmetrodc.com.

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  • No stained glass ceiling

    "Historically, women of the Lutheran church focused their efforts on Bible study and mission work, but now [Women of the ELCA] has a broader mission. We are working to change human trafficking laws. We have conducted workshops on anti-racism. We have provided solar power to Phoebe Hospital. We have sewed over 500,000 quilts for distribution by Lutheran World Relief. And we raised over $1 million for Katie's Fund, an endowment to help educate women. In short, we have cracked the stained glass ceiling." These themes were discussed by Patti Austin, churchwide president of WELCA, in her presentation to the Metro DC Synodical Women's Organization (SWO) Spring Convention on May 6, 2017. Read more from "All Anew - The Women of the ELCA" and other

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  • Call to fast on 21st monthly

    Which are the hungriest days of the month? The 21st forward. Because 90% of SNAP benefits run out then for the most vulnerable families in the U.S. So on the 21st monthly while the 115th Congress is active, participate in an ecumenical fast - from food, from a habit or other means. Engage our hearts, bodies and communities together to combat poverty as elected government officials consider deep cuts to vital anti-poverty programs in the federal budget. This initiative has been introduced by the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, ELCA presiding bishop, along with the Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church. We fast to fortify our advocacy in solidarity with families who are struggling with hunger. We fast to be in

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