God’s work. Our hands.

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  • Engaging in New Connections

    She's clear and confident that hospitality takes initiative, and it fosters worthwhile growth. "I extend 'radical irrational hospitality' to all [our] members and guests," says this New Connections e-vent presenter, and Bev Adams is consciously poised to invite "regular attendees and members to spiritually grow their relationship with Christ." Register for the Sat. morning Sept. 16 opportunity to consider engagement in YOUR congregation. This e-vent is to help church members, hospitality coordinators, evangelism committees and pastors learn how to create ways to invite new people to a church activity, welcome them when they come and hang on to them after they do. Register

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  • Help after hurricanes

    "The #1 question we hear: ‘How can I help?’ As followers of Jesus, we seek to love our neighbor and serve those in need. So first, thank you. Here on the Gulf Coast, we have heard and felt your love and support during this disaster," writes Bishop Michael Rinehart of the ELCA Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod.* “Second, as people of faith, join us in prayer. For first responders and those who had to evacuate flooded homes, for people worried about family and those who [are] trying to pick up the pieces. Third financial gifts are more helpful than gifts of goods right now. Financial resources are portable and used for many different purposes...** Finally, wait and listen. The disaster isn’t over. It is still raining. Once

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  • No place for white supremacy

    "White supremacy has no place in the kingdom of God, only the love and healing of the reign of the Prince of Peace," asserts ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton in social media posts on August 13. In advance of events in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017, the ELCA Virginia Synod shared the following*: “As members of the [ELCA], we stand against all forms of hatred and discrimination. We believe that cultural, ethnic and racial differences should be seen and celebrated as what God intends them to be – blessings rather than means of oppression and discrimination. We are a church that belongs to Christ, where there is a place for everyone. Christ’s church is not ours to control, nor is it our job to sort, divide, categorize or

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  • Everyday work done together

    Many of us took part in “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday! “A Christian is lord of all, completely free of everything; a Christian is a servant, completely attentive to the needs of all,” said Martin Luther. Area congregations were among those across the ELCA participating in a dedicated day of service on Sunday, Sept. 10. “This is work you do in your communities every day, and we look forward to working together again this year,” writes Christina Jackson-Skelton, ELCA Mission Advancement. Shortly after Sept. 10, send stories and photos to livinglutheran@elca.org to help share what together God accomplishes through us. Share your "God's work. Our hands." Sunday experience on social media, and tag the #dcsynod

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  • Companionship on campus with LCM

    Campus ministries are a strong connection for young adults at a pivotal time of life – and a quick online Student Referral Form can help you find a location for you or someone you care about where they study and live. “If you want to be told all the ‘answers,’ this is NOT a place for you. If you want to explore what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus, and wrestle with difficult questions in a grace-filled and welcoming community where you are accepted for who you are, this IS the place for you.” This self-description of Lutheran Campus Ministry is proclaimed by University of Maryland’s “Humble Walk” group, a “voice of grace, service and justice” in College Park, Md. Find ELCA-wide connections from

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The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of what became known as the Reformation. Learn about area commemoration activities – marking this historic milestone with joyful witness of the life and freedom in Jesus Christ that is for all.

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