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  • Prayer on World AIDS Day

    JOIN THE PRAYER: Loving and compassionate God, we come before you this World AIDS Day to remember people impacted by HIV and AIDS and reflect on the progress which has been made and what more needs to be done. We thank you for the progress which has been made to slow, reverse and prevent the spread of HIV, to mitigate its impact on families and communities, and to build welcoming and caring communities for all. This progress is the fruit of the divine gifts of reason, intelligence, good judgment, and spiritual inspiration that you have bestowed upon the millions of scientists, health care providers, mental health and social workers, pastoral caregivers, activists and members of civil society, and people directly impacted and

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  • 2017 Christmas Artwork Contest

    Submit by Dec. 4, 2017 please! Art inspires and can give words to our hearts... Grab a camera, markers, watercolors, color pencils, crayons, oils - whatever inspires you - and share your artwork conveying the spirit of Christmas! 5th annual Christmas Greeting Artwork Contest The selected entry will be used by the ELCA Metro D.C. Synod as we share our joy in the holy Christmas season with synod colleagues and friends. Invite others to take part in the contest with these easy-to-share graphics: Flyer (pdf file) - half page or full page Facebook post - https://www.facebook.com/metrodcelca/photos/a.210785308954362.57168.148987775134116/1734539413245603/ Twitter post -

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  • Building Puentes means building bridges

    Recovery on Caribbean islands after Hurricane Maria is pressing and challenging. From stoles to schoolbooks, losses experienced in Toa Baja in Puerto Rico, for example, when the LaPlata River overflowed overwhelmed very home and church in the community. “The devastation is great. As a synod, let us join Building Puentes and help in relief efforts that not only rebuild concrete structures, but can also rebuild the spirit of our neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens of the Caribbean,” says the Rev. Leila Ortiz. Want to join the Building Puentes Team? Learn more in the “Forum” blog

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  • Open a card with hope inside

    A Metro ride to get a harried Southeast Ministry learner to class, medication co-pay for a limited income senior residing at Fellowship Square Foundation, a computer for the seminary's library in Windhoek, Namibia - all found in the synod's Gifts of Hope catalog. With prices ranging from $10 to $250, this synod-sponsored compilation supports mission and programs of area Lutheran social service organizations, camps, a college, a seminary, and Companion Synod projects abroad. Bring hope to others while honoring those on your gift list. Gifts of Hope will give you a card to notify the receiver of your selection. More at

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  • Numbers for Lutheran-affiliated orgs

    Many people in our area participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and in the United Way Campaign this time of year, making donations to service organizations through workplace giving. Eighteen Lutheran-sponsored organizations who share a common mission of answering the Lord’s call to aid people in need are part of the synod’s Gifts of Hope program, including social service agencies and outdoor camps. Find CFC and United Way numbers for these organizations compiled for your convenience at http://www.giftsofhopedc.org/beneficiary-organizations/ 

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  • New Connections Campaign

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