Karen Krueger

Karen Krueger

Street sign is public theology

Street sign is public theology by Karen Krueger As she drives from congregation to congregation in our synod, the Rev. Leila Ortiz sees lots of church signs. “It’s public theology,” she observes. “Your sign is saying something. I wish you could see what I see.” Read More →

Financial wisdom for young leaders

by Karen Krueger Guidance for young leaders to “save your bacon and help you be a good steward of your God-given resources” is the point of a list peppered with realistic tidbits by Bishop Mike Rinehart* of the Gulf Coast Read More →

Your church looks cute in that

Your church looks cute in that by Karen Krueger If you’ve shopped for a home online, you’ve probably noticed the difference between great photos and dull ones – then shortlisted potential property with a strong photo. So notes a United Methodist Communications article helping churches figure Read More →

Easter lilies and Easter visitors

by Karen Krueger “Treat everyone like they are coming home for family dinner, and you’re just happy to see them and catch up. That feeling will dwell deep… and God can do a lot with it,” observed Emily Gantert in Read More →

Priming to help immigrant neighbors

by Karen Krueger Our immigrant neighbors are in a time of heightened anxiety. Synod staff have received inquiries from concerned congregation leaders who want to demonstrate Christian love in circumstances of fear, especially after a confrontation with U.S. Immigration and Read More →

Digital directions

Digital directions by Karen Krueger Looking pretty good, Metro D.C. Synod! Here is a Digital Directory* of what you are doing online and some observations I collected in the process of compiling it which may help you. Using our list of congregations Read More →