Reformation 500 Countdown bulletin inserts

Group 236

You are invited to use #historyfact social media posts and bulletin inserts as we approach Reformation Sunday in this 500th anniversary year.

Super easy to repost! Don’t forget to share mini-#historyfact images on FB and Twitter available on Wednesdays weekly.

How does this work practically?

  • Use the list below to copy bulletin inserts for reproduction in your congregation. Topics will be made available in advance to facilitate a congregation’s usage.
  • The entry of the week will be posted to the synod’s Reformation 500 Countdown blog.
  • The entry of the week will be posted on Wednesdays on Facebook and Twitter. Find social media posts at FB/metrodcelca and Twitter@metrodcelca. Congregations and individuals are encouraged to SHARE!


The following bulletin inserts (all pdf files) will count us down to observances on October 29, 2017.

Learn how these bulletin inserts were developed in the post: “Stewarding talents for our reformation observance.”